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Mottola Joins Vicoland To Lead Vico Success

Matthew Mottola, Ex Microsoft, Gigster, and Author of The Human Cloud Joins Vicoland to Make Virtual Companies the Future of Work
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Frankfurt — 07/25/2022 — Vicoland is excited to welcome Matthew Mottola as the VP of a new Vico Success department, with the aim of enabling successful expert freelancer teams. With this new addition, Vicoland becomes the first marketplace making a significant investment in helping freelancers create a sustainable career path, in turn helping companies scale their strategic use of external talent. 

Matthew Mottola – Global Entrepreneur Scaling the ‘Human Cloud’

Matthew is a freelancer himself and has built his virtual company for the past 10+ years. He also experienced the freelance economy from the business side, leading the development of Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit, a tech stack enabling enterprises to scale freelance programs over $100M; and Gigster Ideation, a decentralized service helping enterprises identify what should be built in the software development lifecycle.  

In Spring 2020, he and Ricardo Sancho co-founded SaaS company Venture L in Singapore, incubated by global accelerator Entrepreneur First. Venture L had a goal of using automation, artificial intelligence, and network intelligence to help independent contractors scale from solo businesses to firms in the Human Cloud. Venture L had 127 freelance businesses on every continent running on the platform. 

Matthew’s deep experience in the field was the basis for his #1 International New Release and HarperCollins published book The Human Cloud, which helps leaders scale through elastic freelancer networks. As a leading voice and entrepreneur in this space, Matthew has also helped over 100 enterprises build and scale their freelance programs. 

Vicoland – Inventor of Virtual Companies, or “Vicos” 

Vicoland is the leading marketplace helping enterprises like Netflix, HDI, and Tupperware access digital teams, with over 4,000 freelancers comprising more than 500 Virtual Companies, or “Vicos”. These teams of independent experts are ideal for enterprise-level projects and deliver cost-efficient, high-quality, and compliant professional services. 

Vicoland is the first human cloud marketplace integrated with major vendor management systems such as SAP Fieldglass. Additionally, Vicoland works together with MSPs to facilitate the sourcing of services.   Vicos deliver projects and can therefore enable every enterprise to increase its access to more competitive niche services suppliers. 

Why: Bridging the Gap for the Freelance Economy 

This partnership has a large-scale, high-impact goal: To bridge the gap for the freelance economy to become the default external talent solution. 

Matthew’s in-the-trenches expertise – from growing a six-figure freelance business to hiring freelancers for large projects and helping enterprises hire freelancers at scale – will enable Vicoland to work toward this goal.   

““Matthew is a rare visionary with deep experience in building where the freelance economy will be in 5 years. We both see the transformative potential of professional services through a team-based model. We’re excited to bring on his leadership to educate stakeholders and make Vicoland the best possible place to build virtual companies and grow a digital career.”  

Hans-Ulrich von Freyberg, CEO of Vicoland and founder of 20+ year old digital agency Cocomore

On the individual side, the emphasis on freelancer success makes Vicoland an ideal place for independent workers to build their digital career, whether freelancing as an expert (the new Independent Contractor, or IC) or building a virtual company (the new leader or entrepreneur). 

For organizations, this ensures Vicoland is the best external talent solution by unlocking the advantages of both current sourcing options – ICs and traditional firms – and eliminating the disadvantages of working with either of these sources on their own. 

Netflix + Vicoland 

One example is a Vico that localized a global TV spot campaign for Netflix. The Vico served as an alternative to hiring different local PR agencies and enabled the company to complete the project with better quality experts at a lower cost. 

Tupperware + Vicoland  

Another Vico helped Tupperware to launch their French e-commerce shop at lightning speed. Onboarding was completed within a week and skills on the expert team included everything from content creation to software development. 

What’s Next: New Features, Vico V Accelerator, and More 

As he joins forces with Vicoland, Matthew will bring with him many of the groundbreaking attributes of his last company, Venture L, along with insights from over 100 companies trying to embrace hiring freelancers.  

Both companies worked to make freelancing a sustainable career path for individuals. Venture L tried doing this through a productivity suite that used network science, automation, and software to scale a freelance business. Vicoland does this by helping companies hire Vicos (virtual companies) – teams of expert freelancers.  

With this partnership, freelancers will gain exclusive access to Matthew’s experience as well as many of Venture L’s most popular features, like transparent referrals and automated peer-to-peer job matching. There will also be an exclusive community as well as Vico V, the first-ever freelancer accelerator. 

In this era of uncertainty, Vicoland is the best place to build a digital career, as it bridges the gap between the benefits of freelancing and the benefits of full-time jobs: 

  • Medical insurance 
  • Paid leave 
  • Training & upskilling 
  • Business insurance 
  • Incorporation & formation guidance

Interested in learning more about the bridge between enterprise clients and human cloud teams? Schedule a call now!

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