Realise SAP projects through outstanding expert teams.

  • Coordinated teams of SAP experts with many years of experience
  • Each team focused on specific SAP applications and modules
  • Teams organized as Vicos (Virtual Companies) of freelance experts, via the Vicoland platform
  • As a result, you gain: top quality, cost efficiency and speed

Learn what Vicos can do for your success with SAP

About us

What makes us special?

Vicoland not only offers you the perfect teams. Awarded by Forrester and optional integrable with SAP Fieldglass, the Vicoland platform accompanies you from project planning to project sign-off. Convince yourself of the simplicity and efficiency of the Vicoland platform.

  • More than 10,000 freelancers in 650 Vicos from 52 countries.
  • More than 100 clients with over 1,000 completed projects.
" You are looking for SAP expert teams - we have the right Vico for you. "
Henrike Scharnhorst, Managing Partner

SAP Consulting

Whether requirements for cross-system integration, the desire for the latest technology or comprehensive product knowledge, you will find the right specialists for every topic at our Vicos. Let our experts advise you and get to know the SAP team curated specifically for your requirements within 72 hours without obligation.

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