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Digital Lions – The World’s First Fair Trade Digital Agency

Digital Lions is the world’s first Fair Trade verified digital agency, offering a wide range of creative services from websites, logos, image editing, flyers and brochures to videos and 2D animation. Read more below.
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The digital economy offers marginalized workers unprecedented opportunities. Thanks to technology, people can work any time and from any location. This brings opportunity and acts as an avenue for those unable to secure more traditional jobs to make income and provide for their families. Mothers can stay at home to work while taking care of their children. Likewise, geographically isolated communities gain access to a wealth of opportunities otherwise unavailable in their area.

However, as in many other sectors, marginalized workers still face the significant risk of exploitation. Many are forced to work in poor conditions and are underpaid for their products and services. This problem must be overcome in order to open up opportunities without risk for these people and to give employers access to untapped talent from remote and underprivileged regions of the world.

Digital Lions offers a solution. As the world’s first-ever Fair Trade verified digital agency, it enables employees to reap the benefits of working in the digital economy without the risks of exploitation, unfair practices, and low pay. The company is a WFTO-verified Guaranteed Fair Trade enterprise, as well as a recognized supplier of the Weltladen Dachverband, the German Fair Trade Association. Here we look more at who Digital Lions are and how they are reshaping the digital economy for the better.

Who are Digital Lions?

Digital Lions is a digital agency founded in 2015. However, unlike other agencies on the internet, Digital Lions is a Fair Trade verified company. This means that it promises its workers fair employment without mistreatment and abuse. In proof of its mission for fair standards, the company is Guaranteed Fair Trade by the WFTO based on the 10 Principles of Fair Trade. It is the first company to receive this accreditation and represents a groundbreaking milestone for the industry. Through this innovative move, Digital Lions has repositioned the concept of Fair Trade from bananas, chocolate bars, and handmade clothes to digital products.

Operating from a solar-powered IT campus at the shores of Lake Turkana in Kenya, Digital Lions offers a range of creative services to fair-paying international clients. This includes website production, logo design, image editing, flyers and brochures, video editing, 2D animation, and more online services. This is an invaluable opportunity for marginalized people in Kenya, as they can now sell their digital products without being overworked and underpaid. By doing so, they become self-sufficient and have a source of income for their families and themselves.

As part of its Fair Trade promise, all profits from the Digital Lions agency are reinvested into the educational sister company Learning Lions. In Learning Lions, locals are taught new digital skills such as photo editing, computer coding, and graphic design. After completing the program, graduates have a variety of options open to them that were unthinkable before the program. Some leave campus to work in digital agencies, others choose to work in related industries, and still others decide to stay on campus and work for Digital Lions. 

These are two of the three pillars of the Lions’ program. The final step is Startup Lions, an incubator that provides students and graduates with funding and tools to launch their own startups.

Digital Lions is a Guaranteed Fair Trade Enterprise, fully verified by WFTO since 2021, as well as a recognised supplier of the German Fair Trade Association (Weltladen Dachverband).

Digital Lions Partners with Vicoland

In their latest expansion move, Digital Lions has partnered with Vicoland. Our goal is to empower freelancers by giving them access to exciting large-scale projects as opposed to smaller, lower-paying tasks. This is due to the innovative digital infrastructure of the Vicoland platform, which allows teams of freelancers to create virtual companies, known as Vicos, that can act like real businesses, making them extremely attractive to companies looking to outsource projects. We aim to shift the balance back to freelancers and promote an agile way of working, adding more value to the freelancing sector and digital economy. By doing so, we also help companies outsource work quickly, cost-effectively, and to a team of experienced digital experts.

The Fair Trade enterprise Digital Lions is now listed on the Vicoland platform as a Vico. Through the collaboration, the digital agency has better access to an international marketplace for enterprise-scale projects. Besides, our zero overhead cost benefits are of huge advantage for the economically marginalized workers from Kenya. With no overhead, Digital Lions can effortlessly secure their agency cut, ensuring fair pay for their creatives and a good funnel of profit to channel into their Learning Lions program.

Through the Vicoland platform, companies can now consult Fair Trade verified Digital Lions directly and work with creative freelancers from their program. Doing so guarantees that the outsourced digital products are never at the detriment of the employees that made them. Companies can be confident that ethical and environmentally sustainable practices are being followed throughout their value chain, while receiving high-quality digital services from new, untapped talent.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing work to Digital Lions through Vicoland allows companies to access ethically and environmentally sustainable teams of digital experts. This is beneficial for the marginalized remote workers and ensures companies comply with government regulations on ethical working practices. Moreover, Vicoland makes it straightforward for organizations worldwide to meet their own CSR and ESG policies. That’s not to mention the costs, flexibility, and productivity benefits.

To learn more or hire remote digital experts from Digital Lions, join Vicoland and find out how we can help enterprises. We can put you in touch with creatives specializing in your niche to bring you high-quality digital products – all while meeting fair working standards and sustainability goals.  To learn more about Digital Lions and their exciting work and team click here.

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