Our mission

Transforming professional services through a new type of supplier – the Vico

We are transforming the professional services industry. By doing that, we’re rewriting the history of collaboration between businesses and freelancers – with the best of both worlds.

Why Vicoland? Freelance experts in IT, marketing, and consulting projects have long been offering their services on online platforms. However, Vicoland takes it a step further by connecting complete teams – the Vicos, or virtual companies. They function like traditional companies, only better and more cost-effective.

Vicoland revolutionizes the collaboration between companies and freelancers. So far, it has been customary to assign individual tasks to independent contractors, while complete projects are given to service companies. The reason is that it is too time-consuming for most clients to find and bring together numerous freelancers for a project, define tasks, negotiate conditions, create contracts, and handle payments.

This is where the Vicoland platform comes into play. It not only connects complete expert teams that are a perfect fit for the project but also fully automates the entire process, from creating offers to contract management and project documentation, to acceptance and payment processing. The entire collaboration runs quickly and smoothly.

In this way, Vicos combine the best of both worlds: clients can access the expertise of competent and flexible freelancers who are increasingly in demand, especially in the IT market. At the same time, they benefit from the organization, legal security, and financial stability that characterize companies. For this innovative service, Vicoland has already been recognized by Forrester Research as one of the top 7 talent marketplaces worldwide.

Currently, the Vicoland platform hosts over 700 Vicos with around 10,000 experts from more than 200 countries. These include teams for ERP, CRM, CMS, e-commerce, cloud and data analytics, as well as teams of professionals for digital marketing projects and process consulting. Vicoland has a presence in Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, and Seville, with approximately 40 employees. Hans-Ulrich von Freyberg is the founder and CEO.

Facts & Figures
More than 10,000 freelancers in over 650 Vicos from 73 countries.
More than 100 Clients with over 1,000 completed projects.
40 employees from over 19 nations

Shaping the future of team based work

We are a diverse, multicultural team from over 19 countries. We want to achieve great things and believe that today’s business world needs a new, better and more efficient professional services offering.

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